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Trusted Business Directory | Trusted Business advertises trusted businesses and products in Canada, U.S.A. and from around the world.

When you are looking to hire a business or when you are purchasing products for your home, cottage or office as a consumer you have the right to receive quality service and products for your hard-earned money. You want to be sure that the business that you are hiring has integrity and can be trusted to provide the level of service that you deserve.  However, this is not always the case. With the word 'TRUSTED' now being used frequently by many advertisers, with some advertisers using the word trusted in order to deceive consumers, how can you be sure which business can actually be trusted?

Where can you find an advertiser and a directory that will go out of their way to look out for YOU by making every effort possible to advertise only businesses that have your best interest at heart and that are actually trustworthy?

Unlike other advertisers and directories that will advertise just about any business, even businesses that are deceptive by claiming to be trustworthy when they are not, Adam Simson (Founder of Trusted Business Directory | will not compromise his or Trusted Business Directory's integrity at your peace of mind expense. Adam Simson's is trusted business and consumer focused, not 'major profit' and 'listing volume' focused so, not every business that applies to advertise on will be accepted to advertise. There is a screening process that each business must go through before being accepted to advertise. Each business that advertises on has been proven to be trustworthy,  is community focused, has integrity and gives consumers the peace of mind that they deserve.

As a true trusted business owner, give consumers the peace of mind that they deserve by showing consumers that you truly mean what you say when you say that you can be trusted...advertise your business on

As a consumer, you will no longer have to feel frustrated while searching for trusted businesses or products because every business advertised on is actually trustworthy and not falsely trying to misrepresent themselves to you in order to get your business. Be very careful of some websites that try to mislead you by claiming that they can be trusted.

Also, as a consumer, be very careful of websites that deliberately and knowingly mislead you in order for you to visit their sites frequently in order to generate advertising revenue; these deceptive websites will lure consumers and business owners [to advertise their business] by posting false testimonials. Please view the following documentary about false testimonials: does not need to post false testimonials because every business advertised on is verified as being a trusted business.

As a consumer, it should not matter whether you are a senior or a youth, whether you are wealthy or just making ends meet, nor should it matter if you are disabled or have the right be treated fairly, respectfully and equally.  It is very disturbing to know that there are business owners that deliberately take advantage of people that trust the businesses that they hire. Please see the following documentary about consumer trust betrayed:


On you will only find businesses and products that truly represent and stand by the word TRUSTED.  

It is FREE for consumers to use this website and to contact advertisers.  

In order to avoid fly-by-night businesses and in order to be bound by ethical and moral standards expected by the founder of, advertisers are the only ones that pay a fee. 

Advertisers are COMMUNITY businesses, as well as off-duty and retired FIREFIGHTERS, POLICE OFFICERS and PARAMEDICS from around the world.

A word of can only find Trusted Business Directory advertisers on; be careful of any websites that advertise as Trusted Business Directory and are not listed on

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