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Do you own a business that people can TRUST? 

Consumers that are looking to hire a business such as your business, want to feel assured that they are spending their hard earned money on a business that is reputable and trustworthy. With so many businesses advertising on many advertising formats (e.g. television, internet, newspapers, printed and internet directories) and making claims that they can be trusted, how can consumers really know which business can actually be trusted?


Hire businesses you can TRUST. 

Trusted Business Directory | is a Trusted Directory  and the source for consumers to visit when they are looking to hire a business that can be TRUSTED to provide quality service and products.

In order to advertise on Trusted Business, you must be a trustworthy business that truly cares about providing quality service and products that consumers deserve. Please do not apply to advertise on Trusted Business if you are a fly-by-night business, distribute poor quality products or you have a reputation that is not favourable to the consumer.

Not every business that applies to advertise will be accepted to advertise on Unlike most advertisers, is trusted business and consumer focused, NOT major profit and listing volume focused. will not compromise it's ethical and moral values at the expense of consumers' peace of mind when they are looking to hire a TRUSTED business or when consumers are looking to purchase quality products. 

Before being accepted to advertise on, you must first apply by filling out the information forms in the Advertising Space Advertiser or Lead Referral Advertiser sections. Please read the Terms and Conditions. Once you and your business have been TRUSTED verified (by the founder, Adam Simson), you may make your payment to advertise. When your payment is received you will receive a Trusted Business Verification Number (only good for the term that you purchase) and then your business will be advertised on

Whether you are a small business, big business or a big corporation, give consumers the peace of mind that they deserve and give yourself the recognition that you deserve by advertising amongst a community of TRUSTED advertisers that believe in Building communities with TRUSTED businesses .

Please be aware that Adam Simson's registered trade-marked Trusted Business Directory, and all businesses officially advertised on Adam Simson's Trusted Business Directory are only advertised on  

Get your business TRUSTED verified when you advertise on


How To Advertise Your Business  

There are 5 (five) ways that you may advertise on depending on your advertising needs:

1. FEATURED BUSINESS Advertising Space {Featured Page then click to your Private Page and then LINKED to your website}: CLICK HERE

2. FEATURED BUSINESS Advertising Space {Front Page then click to your Private Page, Static NOT Linked to your website}: CLICK HERE

 SPECIAL NOTICE: As a FEATURED BUSINESS Advertising Space advertiser, you are advertised:

  * On a Featured page and then your own Private page

  * On the Trusted Business Directory page with Advertising Space and Lead Referral Advertisers ... also Featured on those pages in your Section  

3. ADVERTISING SPACE ADVERTISING: {Profile Page and from that page, LINKED to your website}: CLICK HERE

4. ADVERTISING SPACE ADVERTISING: {Profile Page and from that page, NOT Linked to your website}: CLICK HERE 




 2015 Trusted Business Verified Celebration & Recognition Event: June 13, 2015


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