9-11 Firefighter CD

Firefighter's Music, From Brother To Brother

(from Canada to New York) 

In memory of Emergency Responders who bravely lost their lives In The Line Of Duty on September 11, 2001 in the New York Twin Towers collapse.

Produced by Adam Simson, the compilation CD comprises of Firefighters and their bands performing all original songs, as a fundraiser for the New York Emergency Responders' Widows' and Children's Fund, offering families of lost loved ones a way to show that there are no borders between the 911 family.

Song List

1. THERE WAS A TIME  - Adam Simson

2. MEMORY LANE  - Adam Simson

3. I BELIEVE  - Adam Simson

4. SHINE ME  - Abe Beebeejaun

5. LIGHT THE WAY  - Abe Beebeejaun

6. WASN'T IT JUST YESTERDAY  - Richard Eldon

7. THE HEART OF A HERO  - David & Sarah Stephenson

8. HEROS OF AMERICA  - The Poor Boys

9. NOTHIN' SPECIAL  -Mike Hasson


11. SLIP AWAY  - C.M.C.

12. DON'T CRY  - Luckyfool

13. SWEET SUMMERTIME  -Ten Mile Drive

14. LIVE FOR TODAY  - Ten Mile Drive




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