2014 Angiosarcoma Awareness Run and Walk 

Ryan Humphrey graduated from Western Michigan University with a bachelor’s in Aviation Flight Science with the dream of flying for an airline. His dream came true only 8 months later with American Eagle Airlines. Unfortunately, during one of his routine medical examinations, Ryan was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer called Angiosarcoma, which ultimately resulted in Ryan being unable to continue flying, something that he misses every day.

When Ryan asked me if I could help him with his Angiosarcoma Awareness mission, to spread the word about this rare form of cancer to people in Canada, I not only decided to help Ryan spread his message in Canada but in 2013, I made my way to Troy, Michigan, U.S.A to help support Ryan's 1st Angiosarcoma Awareness Walk/Run; upon my return to Canada, I approached the media to help spread Ryan's message.  

In 2014, I stepped it up even more and not only did I go to Troy, Michigan to help Ryan with his 2nd annual Angiosarcoma Awareness Run and Walk, but I also became one of the Platinum Sponsors of Ryan's event; upon my return to Canada, I approached media to help spread Ryan's Angiosarcoma awareness message.

I believe that there are no borders when it comes to helping others with their personal battles and their mission to help others. 

Please visit Ryan's website www.NobodyFightsAlone.com and help support him with his recovery and Ryan's Angiosarcoma Awareness mission.  

I look forward to the day when I will look up and see Ryan fly the skies once again.

Adam Simson

President and Founder, Trusted Business Directory | Trusted Business Directory.com

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