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FEATURED and Regular Advertising Space 


There are 4 (four) ways that you may advertise as an ADVERTISING SPACE Advertiser [1 year]:


1. FEATURED BUSINESS ADVERTISING SPACE - LINKED: {Featured Page then click to your Private Page and then LINKED to your website}: $2,400.00 /year {$200.00/month}

2. FEATURED BUSINESS ADVERTISING SPACE - STATIC: {Featured Page then click to your Private Page, NOT Linked to your website}: $2,100.00 /year {$175.00/month}


3. ADVERTISING SPACE ADVERTISING - LINKED: {Your profile is advertised in our Directory and from that page, LINKED to your website}: $1,800.00 /year {$150.00/month}

4. ADVERTISING SPACE ADVERTISING - Static: {Your profile is advertised in our Directory and NOT Linked to your website} $1,500.00 /year {$125.00/month}


FEATURED and Regular Advertising Space: APPLICATION CENTRE 

Before being accepted to advertise on, you must do the following:

1. Apply by filling out the APPLY TO PURCHASE ADVERTISING SPACE form to the right of this page. Each advertising space is valid for 1 year. 

2. Once you and your business have been verified (by the founder of Trusted Business Directory® |, Adam Simson) and accepted to advertise, you will receive a confirmation letter and telephone call from Adam Simson.

Note: If you are having problems submitting your form or you have and questions about the form, please contact us.


3. Once you have received a confirmation letter and telephone call, to advertise your business, you can make payment below.



FEATURED and Regular Advertising Space: PAYMENT CENTRE

1. Payment is secure with PayPal 

2. When your payment is received, you will receive a Trusted Business Verification Number with a letter and telephone call.  The verification number is only valid for the term of your purchase; upon expiry, you may make a renewal payment to remain on

* Consumers will be able to check the VERIFICATION section to confirm that your

Trusted Business Verification Number is valid.

3. Your business and/or products will be posted within 3 - 5 business days of receipt of payment. Your 1 year advertisement will begin the day your advertisement is posted.

Make Your Payment


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