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911 - Tiered Response For Children

Est. 1998 

Experiencing the shock of a house fire, serious car accident, shooting, illnesses, loss of a parent(s)/siblings and various other emergencies, children are usually left confused, overwhelmed and traumatized.

While working as a rookie Firefighter, I had responded with other Emergency Responders to various calls [e.g., house fires, car accidents, personal injuries, illnesses, violent assaults, and deaths], where children and their families were traumatically affected. One fire call that touched me deeply, involved two young children that sat and cried outside their home where they lost everything in their house fire. It was heartbreaking for me to see these two children crying so, I decided to get a couple stuffed dalmation dogs from the fire truck and give it to the children. I did not realize the impact that just giving stuffed dalmations would have on these two children but the young boy and girl stopped crying and their sad faces turned to smiles as they said, "thank you". At that moment, I wanted to do more for other children that have suffered something traumatic in their lives.  That day, my Captain [Gary Wilson - L.O.D.D. 2007] agreed to be a part of anything that I came up with that would benefit children.

In December 1998, I created “911-Tiered Response For Children“. My vision was to have children, that have experienced trauma, spend time with off-duty Firefighters, Police Officers and Paramedics in a positive and fun environment while building friendships and memories.

Monday, December 28, 1998 was the first event day for '911-Tiered Response For Children'. Gary Wilson and I along with a Police Officer took children to visit a Fire Station and a Police Station, then we went for dinner, had pictures taken with Santa Claus at the Toronto Eaton Centre and we ended the day watching “The Nutcracker” [with support provided by The National Ballet of Canada]. The next evening we went to see “Aladdin” [with support provided by Mirvish Productions]. Watching children laughing and playing together and just for that one day forgetting about the trauma and tragedies that they had to endure that year, was priceless. In recent years Medieval Times, Toronto Castle has also been assisting in their own special way. 

If you know a child or children that have gone through any trauma and can benefit from 911-Tiered Response For Children or if you would like to assist in any way, please feel free to contact me.


Adam Simson

Founder, 911-Tiered Response For Children




'911-Tiered Response For Children' Events


                                 1. Monday, December 28, 1998              2. Thursday, December 22, 2012                 3. Saturday, December 28, 2013                                                     



                            4. Sunday, December 28, 2014



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