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As a Firefighter responding to various emergency calls [i.e., car accidents, fires, medical calls, etc.] I see first hand how those that we care about can leave us or get seriously injured at a moments notice. I believe that every second counts and that it is so important for us to tell those that we love and care about how much they mean to us on a regular basis. Having had a couple close calls myself, I truly appreciate life and special people in my life such as my mother, my colleagues, my relatives and my friends. I also appreciate my business clients and I let them know by sending them cards regularly.

Now, you have an opportunity to send personalized cards to the ones that you care about, from the comfort of your home or office. No longer will you have to buy pricey cards at stores and then go to the post office to buy stamps to send your cards, not to mention the fuel costs involved with driving to several locations in order to send someone a card. 

SendOutCards not only saves you time and money, but you are also able to customize your cards to make them personal and more meaningful. Cards on SendOutCards are not e-cards instead, they are actual cards sent in actual envelopes (addressed to the receiver, with your return address). 

SendOutCards also provides you an opportunity to operate a home-based business.

For more information and to register (in the SPONSOR GENEALOGY ID section, if it already does not show, please enter: 143315), please visit my SendOutCards information page by clicking on the SendOutCards logo (upper left corner), copy and paste or click:

SendOutCards is also an excellent resource for your business; personalize or use cards already available to send to your clients, staff or to market your business.

Send a card or start your home-based business today.

With heartfelt gratitude, 

Adam Simson, SendOutCards Marketing Distributer 


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