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Unfortunately, not every business looks out for your best interest.

Some business owners are more focused on getting their hands on your hard-earned money than they are about building a business relationship with you and delivering guaranteed satisfaction.

With so many businesses claiming to be trustworthy when they are not, mixed with many directories and advertisers that are money-driven and do not care if they publish unscrupulous businesses or not, it can be extremely challenging and frustrating to find a business that is truly trustworthy. I experienced these challenges and frustrations when I was trying to find trustworthy businesses after my work-related injuries prevented me from personally completing my roofing and renovation projects.

I created Trusted Business Directory® | not only as a result of some personal negative experiences but I also got tired of listening to constant negative news reports and reports from friends about their negative experiences. I did not want to just sit and do nothing about it so, I decided to create a place for you, the consumer, to go and feel as though someone truly cares about you. Not only am I looking out for you but I am also passionate about promoting businesses that are truly trustworthy.

Not all business owners are the same. I have had some good experiences while hiring certain services, but they were hard to find because they were advertised in directories amongst businesses that claimed to be trustworthy when they were not. I feel that businesses that truly look out for the best interest of consumers should be advertised in a class of their own and receive the recognition that they deserve.  Trustworthy businesses should be easily found by consumers which is another reason why I created 

Hire businesses you can TRUST® 

I am passionate about promoting trustworthy businesses. I will only advertise trustworthy businesses and products from around the world that genuinely care about consumers and will respond to your service and product needs with quality service and products. Every business is TRUSTED VERIFIED® and they are dedicated to looking out for your best interest and to building communities with TRUSTED businesses® 

As the Founder of Trusted Business Directory® |, our goal is to make your number one TRUSTED source when it comes time for you to hire businesses and purchase products.

I would like to share the following important information with you:

1. Be aware of websites that list businesses and promote them based on ON-LINE REVIEWS; anyone can write false testimonials/reviews for the business (i.e., mother, father, sister, brother, friends, family, even staff, etc.). There are many websites that post false testimonials/reviews in order for you to visit them often {this is done to get visitor ranking high enough to impresses advertisers to pay to advertise on their deceptive websites}. As an advertiser, do you want to be associated with a deceptive website?                                             

Note: I do not operate TrustedBusinessDirectory® | based on on-line reviews and I do not need to post false testimonials on my website. Every business and product advertised  is TRUSTED VERIFIED® and has met requirements to advertise. There may be times that I will post a true testimonial in the business owner's profile but it will only be to honour their performance to their customers and it will be verified. 

2. Business owners should be careful about advertising on websites that use a RATING system to rate your business. Anyone, including competing businesses can give negative reviews and ratings against you. Do you want to receive ratings that are possibly generated from your competitors and ultimately have your business reputation ruined? 

Note: Businesses on do not need to be rated because every business advertised has been screened and EQUALLY proven to be reputable, trustworthy and operating in the best interest of consumers.

3. Be careful of websites that promote bidding online for your business. Bidding for your business can ultimately cost you more in the end because businesses that know that they have deliberately bid below their service worth may give you a lower quality service and eventually will request that you pay more part way through the project if you want a higher standard of work completed. Failure to pay more may result in the business requesting that you to pay for the inferior work completed even if you are not satisfied and if you refuse to pay, the business could possibly put a lien against your home.

4. Be careful of websites that have businesses telling you what the cost of the job will be, based on your pictures sent.  As in my third point, it is very important to get a representative of a business to see the work that you want done, in person. A visual inspection from a qualified service provider can help reveal any additional work required to be done to complete the work for you and and other suggestions can be made.  A picture cannot reveal additional hidden work that may be required to complete the work that you want done. 

5.  Do not pay up-front in full for any major service instead, pay in instalments {1. Deposit, 2. Pay part way through work and 3. Pay upon completion}. A detailed contract should be provided to you well in advance of the service that you requested. A contract should state all the work to be done, cost, additional costs, the start date and the completion date {you may add compensation should the service run past agreed date}.

6. Be cautious about leaving any service provider alone in your house or your place of business. Remember, you are giving access to a stranger so, take all precautions. 

5.  Be careful of directories and websites that ask for your information before you can enter their website; many times this is done to collect your information and to sell it!

6.  Be  careful of directories and websites where the owner does not reveal who they are and do not reveal their contact information.

Hiring trustworthy businesses or buying products from a business advertised on is your first step towards your peace of mind hiring and shopping experience. You cannot put value on peace of mind.  

Do you own a business that people can TRUST?® 

As a trustworthy business owner, you deserve to be recognized by consumers as being one so, don't just advertise...get recognized as being a TRUSTED VERIFIED® business by advertising on  

I created Trusted Business Directory® | to be trusted business, consumer and community focused. My passion has always been to contribute to communities any way that I can and to look out for you.

Adam Simson
Founder, Trusted Business Directory® |







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