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Lead Referral


How Lead Referral Advertising Works 

Lead Referral Advertising
$500.00 Deposit
You Get 50 {Potential Clients} Leads 
For Only $10.00 {Deducted Per Lead}
You only pay for leads that we send to you ($10.00 deducted per lead from your $500.00 deposit). Think of the potential income earning per lead; we set you up and you do the rest. You get a receipt and a record of deductions. Once your lead value expires, you may reorder and your business will remain listed on

A lead is determined when someone goes to your page and clicks on the submit button to receive your contact information. At that point, you will receive an email with the potential client's contact information that they entered into the form. Your client will then receive an email with your contact information. The information the visitor completes is the responsibility of the visitor...once submitted it is considered a lead.

Leads are based on Google AdWords "pay per click" model. We consider our lead program far superior than a "pay per click" model.  Unlike a "pay per click" model where you pay each time someone clicks your ad and you receive no client contact information, at you receive contact information each time someone fills out your contact form. Also, our Lead Referral fee is very reasonable compared to other lead referral companies on the net. The following chart gives you an idea what some companies are paying Google each time their ad is clicked and they receive no contact information:   



 Lead Referral Advertising: APPLICATION CENTRE

Before being accepted to advertise on, you must do the following:

1. Apply by filling out the APPLY TO PURCHASE LEAD REFERRAL ADVERTISING form to the right of this page.

2. Once you and your business have been Trusted Verified® (by Trusted Business Directory® | and accepted to advertise, you will receive a confirmation letter and telephone call from us.


3. Once you have received a confirmation letter and telephone call, to advertise your business please make payment below. 



Lead Referral: PAYMENT CENTRE  

1Payment is secure with PayPal 

2. If you pay by cheque, it must be a money order or certified cheque and mailed to Trusted Business Directory, P.O. Box 640, Aurora, Ontario, L4G 4J9.  Note: Your advertisement will not be posted until cheque is received and cleared by our bank. 

3. When your payment is received, you will receive a Trusted Verified® Number with a letter and telephone call from us.  The verification number is only valid until you receive 50 Leads for your $500.00 deposit; upon expiry, you may make a renewal payment to remain on

* Consumers will be able to check the TRUSTED VERIFIED® section to confirm that your Trusted Business Verification Number is valid. 

4. Your business and/or products will be posted within 3 - 5 business days of receipt of payment.   

Make Your Payment 


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