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Everyone has a story. I would like to share my story with you. My story is about how my passion to help others has led me to create Trusted Business Directory® |

When I became a Firefighter in 1996, I joined a team of Emergency Responders (Firefighters, Police Officers and Paramedics) who are passionate about their chosen careers and responding to your call for help. There are times when our lives are at risk but our focus is about what we are called to do and that is to help you and your loved ones. 

You are most likely wondering how my firefighting career relates to starting, please allow me to explain.

Prior to becoming Emergency Responders, most of us had other careers and businesses. I ran a Brain Injury Rehabilitation service where I worked with people that sustained serious brain trauma as a result of motor vehicle accidents. I have always wanted to be in positions where I could be a part of helping others.

A few years into my firefighting career, I sustained serious work-related injuries that temporarily prevented me from my passion of working on fire trucks and responding to 911 calls. My recovery also prevented me from personally completing my home renovation projects so, I tried to find trustworthy contractors to help me complete my unfinished projects. However, finding a trustworthy contractor became a very frustrating process for me. My search for trusted businesses became so frustrating that I picked a couple business by simply saying, “Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe” when looking at advertisements and a popular directory. I had no idea which one of the many businesses advertised were actually trustworthy. When I looked at printed directories, every business listed seemed to be the same. Some websites were misleading because they listed businesses that claimed to be TRUSTED when they were not, and many websites tried to lure customers by posting false testimonials. Please see the following documentary about False On-Line Testimonials:


I am certain that some of you, if not most of you, can relate to my frustration when trying to find a trustworthy business to hire. I did not have positive experiences with contractors that I selected to give me quotes. One roofer in particular, gave me a high quote and commented that I will not find a cheaper or better roofer and if I was not happy with his quote, as he looked at my crutches he added, do it yourself; his comment almost sent me through the roof {no pun intended}!

Actually, it was the roofer's rude comment that motivated me to want to promote ONLY trustworthy businesses that truly care about consumers.

I refused to fall prey to any roofers' deceptions and high quotes so, I continued my search until I eventually found a roofer that was actually honest, did exceptional work, used better shingles and completed the work at half the cost. 

It disturbs me when I think about some of the contractors that I called and the fact that they were simply trying to take advantage of my temporary disability when they saw me walking with crutches. It should not matter whether you are a senior, wealthy, disabled, injured or trying to get value for your hard earned money.

I believe that as consumers, you have the right to receive the services that you are paying for and at a reasonable cost.  It is very disturbing to know that there are business owners that deliberately try to take advantage of people that put trust into their business. Please see the following documentary about businesses that are not trustworthy:


{You may watch more videos by clicking here

I am a true believer that business owners should operate there businesses as emergency responders when we respond to your 911 call for help; we respond quickly, efficiently and with sincere passion to help matter the cost to us.

My personal frustrating experiences while trying to find trustworthy contractors to hire when I was injured, the frequent calls from my friends and relatives asking me for help to find trustworthy businesses, as well as the positive experiences that I had with actual trustworthy businesses made me realize that there was a necessity to create a Trusted Business Directory®; therefore, I created Trusted Business Directory® |

I wanted to promote trusted businesses and at the same time give you a place where you can actually find trusted businesses to hire {not just contractors, but also service providers from a wide area of industries} and a place to purchase quality products.  I spent a couple years attending business courses and learning how to create a website, in order that I could create for you. Please know that I am continuing to learn and to make changes to this website in order to serve you the best way that I can. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

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Hire businesses you can TRUST® provides you an opportunity to hire trusted community businesses and purchase products globally. In order to give you peace of mind when hiring your next business, each business is personally reviewed and TRUSTED VERIFIED® by me, the President and Founder of                   Trusted Business Directory® |

As the founder of Trusted Business Directory®, please be aware that my Trusted Business Directory® is only located on

Do you own a business that people can TRUST?®

Whether you are a small business or a big corporation, give consumers the peace of mind that they deserve and the recognition that you deserve by advertising amongst a community of trusted advertisers that believe in building communities with TRUSTED businesses®

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I am very passionate about my work to promote TRUSTED businesses and to look out for you, the consumer.

Looking out for you,  

Adam Simson
Founder and President
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