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As consumers, you should be treated with respect and you should also be able to hire and/or purchase products and services with peace of mind, receiving the quality of service that you expect for your hard-earned money because after all, without consumers business would not exist.

With so many stories out there that impact you in both a negative and positive way, as consumers you have the right to voice your experiences in the consumer world. 

Unfortunately there are some businesses that feel entitled and do not care about you, only your hard-earned money. There are also businesses that do not monitor their staff effectively so poor customer service causes consumers to become frustrated and go elsewhere to shop.  On the other hand, there are business owners and employees that stand above all other businesses and truly care about giving you the best service that your money can buy.

I created Trusted Business News®  in order to share consumer-related articles with you and to give you an avenue to voice your experiences and opinions with other consumers. To share your Consumer-related stories, please complete the 'Share Your Consumer Experience' form to the right of this page.  Please note, that I will be reviewing each submitted story and it is strictly to my discretion which stories I will be posting. 

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I continue to look out for your best interest.  If you have any comments, suggestions or questions please feel free to contact me.

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