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I have found some interesting videos for you to view, some are entertaining but a lot of the information in most of the videos are vey informative.  I have also included some of my produced videos, related to events that I have hosted and/or attended.  Looking out for you, Adam Simson, Founder Trusted Business Directory®

About Online Reviews {Warning}

Note: Find TRUSTED businesses and products on ... NO FAKE reviews necessary. 


Accountants {Fun Video}


Auto Dealership {Warning}


Builders {Warning}


Contractors {Warning}


Daycare {Warning}


Dentist {Warning}


Dog Treats {WARNING: Toxic Dog Treats}


Financial Advisor {Warning}


Food Products {What you should know}


Lawn Care {Warning}


Lawyers {Warning}


Movers {Warning}


Nursing Care {Warning}


Nutrition Counselling {Warning}


Glutten-Free {What you should know}



Real Estate Agents {Warning}


Roofers {Warning}


Tow Trucks {Warning}


Travel Health Insurance {What you should know}

Veterinarian {Warning} 


 Adam Simson's Produced Events Videos


  Adam Simson, Toronto Harbourfront Boat Cruise, July 27, 2014


Adam Simson, Toronto Harbourfront Boat Cruise, August 24, 2014


Toronto Fall Home Show, Better Living Centre, Exhibition Place: September 18-22, 2014 

Andrea's Celebration of Life Christmas: December 28, 2014


'2015 Trusted Business Verified' Celebration & Recognition: June 13, 2015 



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