911-Tiered Response For Children

Sunday, December 28, 2014 

As the founder of 911-Tiered Response For Children, every year I dedicate my time off-duty to doing something special for children and their families, that have experienced some form of trauma during the year.

As the President and Founder of TrustedBusinessDirectory.com, I also believe in doing something special for someone at all my networking events.  This year, during my business networking event on Sunday, December 28, 2014, I decided to dedicate this day to a very special young lady, Andrea.

Andrea is a 16 year old talented artist who has been battling cancer for over two years. Last Christmas {2013}, Andrea was very weak and tired but she was released home from the hospital so that she could spend Christmas with her family.  Because Andrea was very weak and tired, I was not able to see her so, I placed art supplies for her outside door; when Andrea called to thank me, in her fragile voice, and she told me that she never believed in Santa Claus until that night. I was deeply moved by Andrea's phone call...it was the best Christmas gift that I received.

Andrea's battle with cancer was also taking a toll on her family, emotionally.  It is never easy to see your child struggling with cancer.  Andrea's parents stayed by her side each day that she was at the hospital. There were days that Andrea's father, as strong a man as he is, was too emotionally affected to drive to the hospital so, I would drive him there.

This past Fall, Andrea recovered remarkably well and she was healthy enough to return to school.

When I asked Andrea's father if I could do something special for Andrea this Christmas season, Andrea's father said that she would love to come and see me.

Andrea's passion and gift is drawing and painting.  During her stays at the hospital, Andrea would sketch pictures for her doctors and nurses as a way of saying, ''thank you'' for taking care of her.

I invited business professionals to bring art-related gifts [e.g., paints, canvases, sketch books, etc.,] to the networking event that I hosted, and we presented these gifts to Andrea for Christmas.  Andrea touched the hearts of everyone at the event.  I also invited Andrea's family and friends to attend and to share a very special Christmas time with Andrea.  Later that evening, when Andrea and her family returned home, Andrea's father text me a picture of Andrea drawing, saying that she was touched by everyone's kindness so much so that she opened her gifts and started to draw as soon as she got home.

I would like to personally thank everyone that attended the event and brought art-related gifts for Andrea, for making Andrea's day a very special and memorable one. 

Update: Andrea spent much of her time going back to Sick Kids Hospital to motivate and encourage children to stay positive while battling cancer. Unfortunately for Andrea, cancer returned and on August 29, 2016 Andrea lost her own battle with cancer.

Originally I was asking if you would like to donate art supplies or art-related event tickets to Andrea for Christmas or any time of year, in order to inspire Andrea to continue her love for drawing and painting, but now I am asking you to do this in Andrea's memory and I will take these gifts to Sick Kids Hospital and any child inspired by art, on Andrea's behalf. If you are interested, please contact me. 


Adam Simson, 911 - Tiered Response For Children  





















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