Life Line Worship Centre - Food and Clothing Bank

Every year, since 1998, I like to do something special for someone that had faced some form of trauma in their lives during the year or a cause that I feel would greatly benefit from my added support.

On Saturday, December 24, 2016 while facing some challenges of my own, and while spending time at Reverend Rhoan Grant's church with Reverend Rhoan Grant, I observed the selfless work and passion that Reverend Grant puts into the Food and Clothing Bank that he started. Reverend Grant's time and effort that he puts into the Food and Clothing Bank inspired me to want to do something special for the people that visit Reverend Grant's Food and Clothing Bank on a weekly basis; so, I decided to start by doing a Christmas Turkey Gift drive and donate turkeys to to those in need.  Since this time, I volunteer by helping at the the Food and Clothing bank.

If you would like to help Reverend Rhoan Grant in any way, whether donation of food, clothing, renovation assistance or financially please feel free to contact him directly or feel free to contact me by clicking here.

Warm regards, 

Adam Simson

President and Founder, Trusted Business Directory |















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