Get Paid! 


 Do you know a business that people can TRUST?


If you know a business that people can TRUST, let us know.

We don't want your efforts to go unrewarded so, will pay you $25.00 {Canadian} for every lead that you give to us, after:

1. The referred business applies to advertise {Featured Advertising Space, Advertising Space or Lead Referral} on 

2. We verify that the lead you sent us and that applied to advertise, is in fact a trustworthy business

3. We confirm to the business that you referred and that applied to advertise, that they may pay to advertise

4. Your business referral pays and is advertised on

Aside from filling out the form below, let each trustworthy business {that you are referring} know that you are referring them to advertise on and ask them to mention your full name {in the 'If Referred To Us, By Whom' part of the questionnaire} when they fill out our apply to advertise form.

{Note: If more than one person refers the same business, only the first person to make the referral will be paid; we will let you know.} 

Since the business that you referred means that much to you, once they complete the process and become advertising space {featured or regular} advertisers, we will give them an extra 2 months of advertising for FREE!

Let's build communities with TRUSTED businesses together



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